Personalized Family Name Subway Sign Wall Art


Please be very specific with design instructions, because once designed we can send you 3 new proofs before we reserve the right to charge for additional edits. If you know you want words grouped together, larger within the sign or in a certain order PLEASE let me know ahead of time to make sure the first proof is VERY close to your vision.

WORD COUNT based on the size you order:

  • 12 x 24: 30-40 Words
  • 18 x 24: 40-50 words
  • 18 x 36: 50-60 Words
  • 24 x 36: 60-75 Words
  • 24 x 48: 75-100 Words
The years, days, hours, minutes does NOT count against your word count at the TOP section. 
    We will use the layout of this design. Please look at how many words you can have on your sign based on the SIZE you ordered. 
      Once I receive your invoice-the fun part begins...the DESIGN! You will receive your full color custom proof in your inbox within 5-10 business days (holiday season may be longer).  All proofs must be approved before we will proceed with your order.  

        What Are My Printing Options?


        WOOD PRINTS w/ NO FRAME are printed directly to 3/4" thick maple wood.

        WOOD PRINTS w/FRAME are printed directly to 1/4" thick birch wood with a 1"stained wood frame added around the edge.  

        All wood prints have natural imperfections (nicks, wood knots, etc). No attempt is made to cover these. Each piece of wood takes the print process differently. NO TWO WILL BE ALIKE. All wood signs arrive ready to hang

        • FRAME OPTIONS.
          • No Frame
          • 1" Walnut Stain Frame
          • 1" Distressed Grey Frame
          • 1" Distressed White Frame
          • 1"Distressed Black Frame
        • STAIN OPTIONS.
          • No Stain- Natural Sides
          • Ebony Stain Sides

          METAL/TIN PRINTS are printed directly to the 0.032-inch aluminum, which is then mounted to a sheet of wood. White ink not printed, tin will show instead. All tin signs arrive ready to hang.

          • FRAME OPTIONS.
            • No Frame
            • 1" Walnut Stain Frame
            • 1" Distressed Grey Frame
            • 1" Distressed White Frame
            • 1"Distressed Black Frame
          • STAIN OPTIONS.
            • No Stain- Natural Sides
            • Ebony Stain Sides
          • CARE OF SIGN. When you receive your aluminum (tin) sign from Madi Kay Designs, please handle it with care! Tin surfaces are more delicate, and thus prone to scratching (especially when they come in contact with other metals, such as watches or rings). Never clean your sign with any alcohol-based product; instead, wipe it gently with a clean, damp cloth.

          MADE in the USA.
          The concepts of our signs originate in the heart of TEXAS. Our designs are finely crafted by skilled designers in the DFW area. When art brings unique ideas and talented people together, it’s a beautiful thing.

          HONESTY of Materials.
          With uncompromising standards, we use only the finest wood, metal and canvas. For you that means every sign we craft is made to be displayed-and enjoyed-for generations!

          You have OUR WORD.
          We stand behind every sign we create. If you are not happy with the sign, let us know. We don't want you to just like our signs--we want you to LOVE them!

          TOGETHER WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE: One tree at a time. 

          One STORY = One tree PLANTED
          Handcrafted with love in Texas.


          Madi Kay Designs

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