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About Madi Kay Designs

Every Sign Tells a Story…What’s Yours? #MKDSTORY

Our story—the Madi Kay Designs story—is about growing, changing and improving!
First we had each other. Trent and Britany 11.19.05. #FAMILYOFTWO. We were high school sweethearts who thought we had love and life all figured out.  Friday night football, late night movies, college & career-what else could we ask for?
Then we had….Mason 08.21.07 and Madi Kay 04.01.10 (April Fools). #FAMILYOFFOUR

But, we wanted something...more. So, we started Madi Kay Designs both as full time teachers and parents by DAY and designer, wood cutter, painter, and shipper by NIGHT. Now we have …
Mom’s Telling Their Story. 

As a woman run business #MKDFAMILYOFTEN we not only tell #YOURSTORY, but we get to tell #OURSTORY as working MOM's. We are a diverse group, but we all share a deep desire to make a difference and uplift others through story gathering and story telling through special, heart-felt signs.

MK Team: Mom’s Telling Your Story.

We have always believed and tried to instill the thought to our children that you can do anything you set your mind to and that nothing is impossible. We find success in being honest about who we are and the things we care about. We don't always agree, but respect our differences, and we are inspired to continue owning #OURSTORY and telling...


Britany Kutch Owner, Maker, Designer

Britany, is our "Dave-Matthews-listening" visionary founder. She is always looking for new ways to help families share their thoughts and fondest memories through custom artwork. Britany also has a passion for breaking computers and drinking wine.
Madi Kay Designs Dream Team

Madi Kay Designs would not be where it is today without the help of these three ladies, Ann, Kirsten, & Lisa, who only met 3 short years ago.  

"It is amazing to work alongside women who not only believe passionately in the mission of Madi Kay Designs, but also who live with intense positivity, resilience, and as a result have created bonds that will never be broken." (Britany Kutch)

Ann Production/Assembly & Shop Manager

Ann is our sassy shop manager. She is often seen singing and dancing to Pitbull & Beyonce at MKD warehouse. Ann "ENSURES" your sign gets the love and care that only comes from the MKD family. 

 Kirsten,  Lead Designer 

Kirsten is a beautiful wife, outstanding mother, and first class designer. She expertly and deftly handles correspondence and the design/proof process with our great customers.

Lisa Production And Assembly, Print Manager
Lisa is our print manager with an infectious smile. She puts her loving heart into each MKD sign. Lisa's "do whatever it takes" attitude ensures each sign is delivered with love from our MKD family to yours.

LeeAnn, Production & Assembly
LeeAnn is our get it done, efficiency shop-mom. Her eye for detail always makes sure your MK sign look fabulous, is packaged tightly and shipped quickly. She's also a Margarita efficiency expert!
Kimberly, Production And Assembly
Kimberly is our multi-talented designer. She is a loving wife and mother of 2. As she designs your one of a kind piece, she is usually pumping up the jam listening to music with coffee or wine in hand, depending on the time of day.


Kris, Designer

Kris is a wife and loving mom to 2 children. She is a designer who specializes in customizing signs to make every sign tell a story. 



Jeanye, Featured Artist


MADE By The Best Women In The USA.

Our sign concepts originate in the heart of TEXAS.  Our designs are finely crafted by skilled designers in DFW.

When art brings unique ideas and talented people together, it’s a beautiful thing.





As a family-owned company, our Earth’s precious resources, and their sustainability for generations to come, are very important to us. That’s why we're dedicated to environmental responsibility in all we do. We’re proud to partner with American Forest, and we happily plant one tree in honor of each wood print order we receive.

Giving back to our planet is just one way Madi Kay Designs shows our commitment to creating happiness that lasts a lifetime!