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Spread JOY and good tidings!

September 17, 2014

Ok, so I know its only September...but TEXAS received a little cold front...which has come and gone and we're now back in the 90's (ONLY in Texas do we go from 40 degrees to 100 degrees in a day..HA!).  With all that said it has me ready for the HOLIDAY season!! From the inviting aromas of a home-cooked dinner to the warm sounds of families laughing together, the holidays evoke so many good memories. This year, share that holiday cheer far and wide with a custom, hand-painted sign. Our rustic, holiday signs make perfect gifts and enhance the décor of any home from traditional to contemporary.  MKD designs has added a few new Holiday signs that I absolutely LOVE!  


A new favorite is the traditional VINTAGE Santa with a modern twist which includes a grunge, textured turquoise background.  I LOVE how my friends and family can know that the"Kutch Family...BELIEVES!"

This beautiful sign says so little, but means so MUCH!  The simplicity of the words "Merry Christmas" added with the traditional deer in a heavily distressed, rustic background make this the perfect holiday sign!!