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Personalized Bamboo Cutting Board, Engraved Wedding Gift w/ Wooden Inlay, Customizable

These handcrafted cutting boards make the best housewarming presents or wedding gifts for any couple. Even though these custom boards are intended for use as a food preparer board, it can also be displayed on the counter or an easel. Whether you have country themed decor or are going for a modern look, these fancy boards are sure to go with any kitchen supplies.

The unique Barbados cutting board features a decorative inlay made of 2 strips of vertical grain bamboo that frame a wider strip of dark, end grain bamboo. This unique design sets this customizable cutting board apart from the rest by creating visual interest.

These 9" x 6-1/2" x 5/8" boards are big enough to handle food preparation jobs like chopping up veggie and other foods for a catered event. These boards also make an excellent bartender tool. Each is durable enough to hold up against any kitchen knife. Choose from a selection of 5 unique designs for this board. You’ll also have the option to place a medium deep-groove engraving on one of the bottom corners or place a large design in the center.

Each of these custom-made bamboo cutting boards is laser engraved for a precise, lasting finish that won't wear over time like wood-burned or hand-etched designs. As an added bonus, we apply a fresh coat of mineral oil to each board to help preserve, protect, and condition the wood, ensuring that it arrives in the best condition possible.

At Madi Kay Designs, we specialize in creating fun and unique home decor that will make you and your family feel more at home. Choose this cute compact board over a bulky butcher block to easily cut up anything you need. These useful cutting boards make such a fantastic gift for both men and women because you can personalize them to the tastes of the recipient. Get your food prepared ahead of time with these solid wood cutting boards.

  • Personalized Bamboo Wood Cutting Board
  • Laser engraved for a precise, lasting finish
  • Conditioned with mineral oil to protect and preserve the wood
  • Choose from 5 unique designs
  • Option of medium engraving in bottom corner or large the engraving in the center
  • Medium Measures: 11" x 8-1/2" x 3/8" Large Measures: 13" x 9-1/2" x 3/8"
  • Hand-crafted in Texas
  • Make a great housewarming or wedding gift

    MADE in the USA.

    The designs originate in the heart of TEXAS. Our cutting boards are finely crafted by skilled designers in the DFW area. When art brings unique ideas and talented people together, it’s a beautiful thing. 

    HONESTY of Materials.
    With uncompromising standards, we use only the finest wood. For you that means every cutting board we craft is made to be displayed-and enjoyed-for generations! 

    You have OUR WORD.
    We stand behind every cutting board we create. If you are not happy with the cutting board, let us know. We don't want you to just like our boards--we want you to LOVE them!

    TOGETHER WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE: One tree at a time. 

    One STORY = One tree PLANTED
    Handcrafted with love in Texas.


    Madi Kay Designs

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