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"God's Timing Is Always Perfect"
Micah Lee This quote takes me back to when I was first diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. All I have ever wanted to be was a mom so being told I have the leading cause of infertility in women felt like all my dreams were crashing down around me. There was a point that I thought I would never have children or even just one child. I had hit rock bottom. Then one Sunday morning I realized that God had to completely empty me so that HE could refill me. I felt His peace and trusted his plan. After trying to conceive for almost a year and a half plus trying a fertility drug I finally became pregnant and now have a beautiful 2 year old with a second baby on the way. I realize now that God's timing is always perfect and His plan is always better than our own. To be still means to trust God completely. Trust what He is doing, what He is trying to teach you, or what miracle He is going to perform in your life.
"My Faith is Restored"
Mindy Orr Chambers The quote instantly made me think of being thankful for all you have, time can't be still, but I wish it could. I read be still and instantly thought of still birth. My Jaycie was stillborn in 2009, and reading just those 2 words reminded me of her and how far my family has come and grown together since then. God works in mysterious ways and has his plans I know, it took me a long time to accept that, but my faith is restored and I know we have or Angel watching us everyday!
"Hundreds of Voices Singing:
Tanya Kirby Thornburg This makes me feel nostalgic! This was a song that was sung when I attended ACU in Abilene. Each day we went to chapel and often sang the song "Be Still and know that I am God..." It's a beautiful song and sounds amazing with hundreds of voices singing acapella together.
"You Are Someone's Protector, Provider, Role Model"
Samantha Koss There's no love like the love you have for your children and with your first born you experience so many new ways to love. It's a pure love. Without ever knowing this little person you carry within your whom you already know there's a strong bond but the moment you lay eyes on her/ him everything you thought was love changes. This love is instantaneous with a bang. You then understand that you are someone's protector, provider, role model. That things that you once thought were fun or cool become less distant memories and choosing a path that can be followed head high becomes your norm. You want this little person to one day look up to you and be proud of you as a parent. And at times when you have to be that " parent" that is hard and scary because you don't want your baby to be hurt or distant from you.... you child shows you all your hard work and sacrifices paid off. And when the world makes you believe that love is over and done, that it's just a word that's overused ...... The love a child gives back for it all is unmeasurable! ‼️ I could never replace or gain a better love than of my child. My daughter teaches me everyday without ever even trying.
"Why Animal Rescues Are So Important"
Spartan is a dog with a story that is both heartwarming and inspiring. He was surrendered to Ho-Bo Care Boxer Rescue at the age of five in a very malnourished state. In addition to being emaciated, Spartan was also very ill. An intestinal blockage that had gone untreated by his previous owners had rendered him unable to eat or digest properly, and it was doubtful he would survive the surgeries and treatments needed to keep him alive.

Although Spartan’s body was weak, his spirit was mighty. His story caught hold of the media, touching the hearts of the community and bringing to light the reasons why animal rescues are so important. Day by day, Spartan accepted the love and care he received from volunteers of the boxer community, doctors, and fellow canine companions. Soon, he was able to stand strong, move around, and gain an appetite that helped him to double his weight in a matter of months.

Two and half months after arriving at Ho-Bo Care Boxer Rescue, Spartan was adopted by his forever family. He now lives happily and comfortably in his forever home, complete with a boxer sister and human brother. Despite his checkered past, Spartan adjusted quickly to his new home and family, and now spends his days sun bathing, chasing squirrels, playing tug of war, and going for long walks.

Spartan’s story is important because while he is only one of the many dogs saved by the rescue community, his brave spirit and extraordinary transformation has done so much more. Spartan’s celebrity status has helped to bring much needed attention to other dogs in need and also the rescuers who work to make stories like his and so many others possible.
"I can move forward carrying the love"

Stephany Coleman. I remember when Eric passed away, people would encourage me to take things one day at a time. At the time, that was too much for me so I would repeat a mantra that got me through those early days (will need to verify that it's not copyrighted as I can't remember if I read it somewhere) but to remember that grief is a journey; take it one step, one breath at a time. I also remember attending a grief support group around the holidays that first year and they talked about moving on vs moving forward. Moving on means you leave something behind. Eric and the love we shared lives on in me and our relationship will never die; it just looks different now. I can move forward carrying the love and the memories that we shared with me, creating new meaning so that that love lives on, even in his absence. That was a comfort to me. I'll think on this a little more and even see if I have anything in my journal that could be of use. This is such a beautiful idea!


One of the organizations that I support is the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention ( They support survivors of suicide loss as well as those with lived experience (suicide attempt survivors). They are a privately funded nonprofit that funds research to understand suicide, provide education and programs to increase awareness and advocate public policies that would support their work. There are local chapters in all 50 states. They also partner with other mental health organizations and strive to stop suicide. There's even a chapter in the North Texas area and I volunteer for their Board of Directors. (Suicide Prevention)

"I love you to Mason ... and back"
I am looking for a personalized one for my friend. She lost her six month old baby, Mason, and its coming up on the Anniversary of his passing. Their four year old daughter now says "I love you to Mason...and back." I know when their daughter talks about Mason, it makes them happy. And this saying has become part of their nighttime prayers." I told the customer that my son’s name was Mason, so this really hit home to me.  This was her response: "Oh my gosh...I have tears in my eyes. I can't believe that is your son's name. I looked at hundreds of signs and that’s just confirmation to me that I picked the perfect person to make this!"
"Wind Beneath my Wings"
This is for my aunt, my mom's best friend ... my mom passed away three years ago this month and my aunt has always said that my mom was the wind beneath her wings...My friends bought me the "you are my sunshine" wood sign for Christmas last year ... this came about when I found out my mom had 3-7 days to live...she was in the hospital and the night they told us this I sat at her side with my brother, the aunt the sign is for, her other best friend, and my uncles and just watching her I knew she wouldn't make it till morning. I asked my aunt, who was a nurse, is she was gonna live through the night and she looked at me and said she didn't think so. During then agonizing twelve hours we sat there waiting, I held her hand and rested my head in her side and sang this song to her at the same time praying for a miracle. Unfortunately the miracle didn't happen but she'll always be my sunshine! Needless to say I absolutely love my Sunshine sign and I know my Aunt will LOVE her custom sign as well!
"And Though He Be But Little He is Fierce"
I had Avery on the 10th at 27 weeks. He has been and will be in the NICU for a while. He has a long way to go but he is a fighter. My husband and I both cried at those words on the sign. It's just a hard time and this sign means a lot right now. Thank you for the sign!! Its so fitting for him. He is a fighter!! I hung it yesterday in his hospital room. All the nurses love it. Helps me by looking at that sign that he can do this! Appreciate more than you know.

I think the signs brought us good luck because I got to hold him for the first time today! It's been a month since I had him. Held him for an hour and it was the greatest feeling ever. He did great. Our hope is that he will get to come home for Christmas. Be the best present ever. :)
Avery: A followup!
We came home on January 3rd! Feels great to have him home. He is 6lbs 4oz now. Born at 2 lbs 4oz. He has oxygen on and a monitor for heart rate and oxygen level. Once we get these tubes and wires off him I will send you a picture with signs. Just busy going to doctor appointments right now. Overall he is doing good. I'm hoping the oxygen coming off in the next month or so...

Fast forward to NOW ... He is 10 lbs, off oxygen and doing great!
"If you are scared, FIGHT"
Your signs say so little ... but say so much! Very special ...

My best friend Karri was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in June ... two weeks later I was hospitalized with a blood clot in my lungs ... we had a tough end of year last year - hence the signs.

70th Birthday sign
This was done for Dad's 70th birthday, and he was brought to tears! All of the names, dates, places, and phrases have special meaning for our family. The artist, who is a teacher, did such an amazing job!

This was the perfect present and it made Dad's day so special. Even if it had to be celebrated in a hospital room. Thank you!! Dad took a turn for the worse over the weekend and his surgery was more in-depth than expected. He's doing better today. I can't tell you how touched he was by this painting! There wasn't a dry eye in his hospital room when we unveiled it yesterday.
"You are my Sunshine"
I'm really excited to receive this piece as my mother in law passed away in April and she sang this song to 25 grandchildren and 27 great grandchildren ... I will hang it proudly in our sun room in honor of Oma.